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1. Compact Pop-Up Currency Converter (retail sales)
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2. Pre-set Currency Converter
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3. Embedded Currency Converter
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4. Customised Pop-Up Currency Converter
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5. Importers and Exporters (B2B) - Business Currency Converter
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6. Foreign Exchange Data - for commercial use
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7. Discount Foreign Exchange ( provided by CanFX )

International Time Tools - Launched in December 2001
Our time tools, powered by Sybase, allow people to coordinate their schedules, meetings, and phone calls no matter what time zone they are in, anywhere in the world. They can be used on your website or local computer.

1. Time Calculator
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2. Meeting Calculator
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3. Phone Home Sheet
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Services/Products Under Development
Our purpose in future products is to enable business customers to:
  • Provide a certain price in an international customer's currency
       at the time of a purchase;
  • Collect the payment using the mechanism that best suites
       the customer in their local currency
  • Provide a high level of availability and support for the services;
  • Fieba will manage the operation of the products and maintain the quality and consistency of the product offerings that will be incorporated into the customers' own web-sites.

    If you would like to be forwarded details of the beta version of the products please send an e-mail to: